The Mime

In 1982 a tragedy occurred during a small town’s founders day festival and performer’s parade somewhere in Ohio. This event left one woman dead, and a local man missing. Shortly after a series of murders began taking place over a span of more than 30 years. Samantha was a little girl when it all began and things have never been the same since she watched her mother die. All grown up now, Samantha’s finally moved on with her life. It’s just another night out on the town, until they find the body of one of her friends in a parking lot and stumble upon an old familiar face. Samantha hasn’t seen John Romero, now Chief Romero, since her mother died on that fateful day. He’s been studying every murder in their small town since the 80’s, and it all leads back to that missing local man. When the missing local man reappears, Samantha is forced to confront her darkest fears. With dead eyes and a face ripped to mimic the very makeup he wore when he killed her mother, The Mime begins to stalk them through the town, killing everyone in his way. Can they stop an evil force older than time itself, or will he silence them forever?

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